Commisssion Painting Deposit – medium


Deposit commission of a unique & original oil painting by yous.


You can commission your very own medium-size oil painting by YouS. These paintings make unique one-of-a-kind custom-made gifts. Upon receipt of your deposit, you will be contacted by the artist himself to communicate the nature of the painting you’d like, shapes and colours you’re fond of. Please be prepared to have 4 to 5 images in mind to describe, or to communicate via email. Commission paintings (medium sizes) can be done as quickly as 3 days, and can take up to 3 weeks to be ready. Because oil paint doesn’t fully dry until 3 weeks have passed, it is recommended for the painting to be delivered completely dry and varnished. So please make your (gift) order at least 2 full months ahead of time. Depending on its size, the final price of the painting will be the total of materials used to make the painting (tubes of paint, brushes, mixing liquid), the hours of creative process, and actual sketching and painting hours. If there is a supplement to pay after the painting is finished, you will be notified with the extra amount to pay. In the event, the total is less than you deposit, a refund of the excess amount paid will be processed within 3 business days of painting completion.

You should be absolutely certain that this is the most unique and original gift you will ever make to your family member and/or friend. Small paintings are considered to be less than 100cm (39inc) in length. To start the painting process, click on the add to cart button now


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