Oil Painting

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Oil painting has been my passion for such a long time. It is the classical way to paint. Oils take up to 3 weeks to dry and give a vibrance that doesn’t fade ever.

I love this medium because it’s long lasting, no wonder most reknown artists have painted with it.

Coming back to a painting several years after it was started can be a joy with oils because you get back to the painting as if you started it yesterday.
So I encourage you to get to know the king of all mediums: oil painting.
Most of my work is on canvas using oil based pigments.

Oil painting is a form of art in which pigments are suspended in a drying oil, such as linseed oil, and are applied to a canvas or other substrate. It is one of the oldest forms of painting and has been used since the Middle Ages. Oil painting is considered one of the most traditional art forms and it has been used by great artists such as Rembrandt, Van Gogh, and Vermeer. Oil painting is also a popular form of decorative art, used to adorn walls, doors, furniture, and more. The unique qualities of oil paint, such as its luminosity, transparency and ability to mimic a variety of textures, make it a favorite among many artists.

Van Gogh oil painting by YouS
Van Gogh oil painting by YouS

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