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Named the YouStudio by all my friends, it is my dream studio built into one single place. Made of 4 separate rooms, the YouStudio is 95sq. meters (1000sq. ft) space with 6cm (2.5in) thick metal bars hung at the edge of almost every wall. Hooks handle chains that carry the paintings hanging.

Covering the paintings are off-white curtains that have the ability to blank all paintings until they are revealed. This is very helpful to keep my mind off paintings to focus on just the one(s) working on at the moment present.
Over the curtains there is a simple string of electrical wire off which hang halogen lamps that illuminate each and every hung painting.

The system allows the hanging of one single large piece or 3 medium sizes to several small pieces of work on the same walk. such a modular way to hang paintings has allowed me to not only see paintings in their best possible display but also to expose them in the very exact sport where they’ve been painted.

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