VanGogh 1998-2012

VanGogh 2012 by Yous Sufi
VanGogh Oil Painting by Yous

VanGogh 1998 to VanGogh 2012, a completed cycle of 14 years Vincent learning.

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VanGogh is an oil painting of the extension of the Sunflowers painting by Vincent Van Gogh in a puzzle format. it is made into 6 quadrants where the puzzle of the Van Gogh is centered up & 5 other vases with sunflowers surround it. 3 vases with sunflowers to the top (on a table) and 3 vases with sunflowers to the bottom (reflection). Central piece is painted in the bottom center vase where is it designed with a smiling face without a nose painted. bottom right vase is abstract in colors of sunflowers, while bottom left is made of eyes and grins. top right is made of lips and smiles, while top left is made of staring eyes.