The Majestic Capricorn Fairy

The Capricorn fairy was the last one of this series I made. At first I was a bit sceptical about how this fairy will turn out. As a was recapturing all the experiences I had endured at the hands of Capricorns in my life. So I believed and persevered through and gave it all the best I could, especially for a negative earth sign. As I began sketching and painting this piece I also remembered all the good and lovely moments Capricorns had drawn me too, and so the magic of the painting made me realize once again that is good, and nothing is bad, only thinking it makes it so.

Here the Capricorn fairy is standing in a magical forest, with a cobalt purple full moon behind her calling on water through the swirls of eternity. She stands mischievous in her lovely colourful dress and wings. She is Earth in its majestic grandeur!

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Capricorn Fairy oil painting by yous